Participating Companies


Participating Companies

Reflecting the nature of our research on strategy execution, implementation, and strategic change management, participating companies tend to compete within industries that experience regular and significant market and strategic changes. Such companies are generally large New York Stock Exchange listed corporations with $250 million to $7.5 billion in annual sales and are typically located within 250 miles of New York City. Participating executives are chairmen, board members, chief executive officers (CEOs), chief operating officers (COOs) and chief financial officers (CFOs).

Initially, professor Barnwell meets with participating executives to discuss their experience with strategy execution and change management initiatives with particular emphasis on the success and failure of such programs at their current and former companies. During these discussions we flesh out the key variables and learnings from these successes and failures and “bat” around ideas for improvement, research findings, and best practices. If helpful, we’ll think about the best ways to implement these ideas (as well as best practice findings from our research) within their companies.

Participating companies receive advanced details on research findings and the latest best practices. While there is no charge for participating (although grants are encouraged and welcomed), many companies offer generous stipends for the research team to provide strategy reviews, audits, or other direct strategy execution support.

As Robert explains,

“Recognizing that hiring a well-known consulting firm for a strategy engagement is often a board-level exercise which can disrupt day-to-day business, many leaders are reluctant to seek outside support when it can be most helpful… at the very beginning of a strategic or change management program. However, since the research team has often already established a trusted relationship with the company and senior executive team, it is not unusual for us to work along-side management to directly support the strategy execution or strategic change process.”

As a result, for a limited number of participating companies and as a component of the research project, professor Barnwell and the research team are able to assume a more discrete role – often providing strategy reviews and audits. Alternatively, he and the team can working alongside senior management to help diagnose the current strategic environment; assess the company’s financial, operational and strategic resources; develop strategic alternatives; prepare a strategy execution or change management implementation plan; and support the ultimate execution and implementation of the project.

As a result, participating companies are often able to:

  • Reduce lead-time for implementing strategic and change management initiatives
  • Rationalize costs and increase profitability (operating margins)
  • Enhance asset utilization and operating efficiencies
  • Strengthen operating cash flows and the Company’s liquidity and credit profile
  • Support share price and market capitalization

If you or your company would like to learn more about participating in our research, please contact Robert at, by telephone at 917.771.4628, or by using the contact form within this website.

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