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The velocity of change has accelerated to the fastest point since the industrial revolution. The pace of change is being fueled by an expanding number of forces, including globalization, technology and communications, international monetary flows, a highly mobile and educated global workforce, and reduction or outright elimination of trade barriers.

While these forces present incredible opportunities, they also serve as unforgiving challenges to those executives and companies unprepared to meet the demands of change.

Reflecting his professional and academic focus on performance improvement, strategy execution, and change management, Professor Barnwell is able to respond to breaking news on the latest corporate victims (or heros) of the market.

He is pleased to share his experience, insights and distinctive opinions with members of the media for both background and attribution. For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact Robert via telephone at (917) 771-4628, e-mail at, or complete the contact form on the Contact Page.

[Please Note: Because of the confidential nature of his advisory work, client identities and details are held in the strictest confidence.]


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