Select Advisors

The following represents a list and contact details of the world’s most well-respected and prestigious strategy advisors. In addition to their individual reputations, each firm selected for inclusion within this list offers considerable depth and breadth in terms of both their strategy and industry expertise. Further, each firm offers clients world-wide delivery capabilities and a portfolio of associated service offerings.

Oliver Wyman Delta
Known formerly as Mercer Delta, Oliver Wyman Delta works at the intersection of strategy, organization, and talent, offering solutions to today's biggest business challenges: driving growth, accelerating execution, and building talent. Delta’s consultants have unparalleled experience working with CEOs, boards, and senior leaders, and solving the unique challenges they face. Oliver Wyman Delta creates impact in an organization by improving CEO & top team effectiveness, organization design and transformation initiatives, executive talent management, leadership development, and Board effectiveness. Additional services include change management, strategy development and implementation, strategic communications, and performance metrics.

McKinsey & Company
McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm that focuses on solving issues of concern to senior management. It is widely recognized as a leader and one of the most prestigious firms in the management consulting industry. With roughly 90 offices in more than 50 countries around the globe, it serves three of the world's five largest companies and about two-thirds of the FORTUNE 1000.  The company advises corporate enterprises, as well as government agencies, institutions, and foundations on a number of business practices.  They include business technology, corporate finance, marketing and sales, operations, organization, risk, and strategy.  McKinsey's consulting services focus on more than a dozen different industries, from automotive and banking to pharmaceuticals and telecommunications.

Bain & Company
One of the world's leading management consulting firms, Bain & Company offers a wide array of services aimed at increasing efficiency and streamlining business processes. The firm also consults on strategic business issues, such as potential mergers and acquisitions and private equity investments; services include due-diligence preparation. In addition, Bain consultants address topics such as information technology, marketing, and performance improvement. With more than 3,500 consultants, the firm operates from more than 40 offices in about two-dozen countries.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
The Boston Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm with more than 65 offices in 40 countries in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia/Pacific region.  Widely recognized as one of the most prestigious management consulting firms in the world and a leader in business strategy, the firm's 4,400 consultants offer a wide array of services primarily to large corporate clients.   In addition to strategy, BCG's practice areas include branding and marketing, corporate finance, globalization, leadership development, and information technology.  

Monitor Group
Consulting firm Monitor Group aims to do its work, then keep watch as its clients' businesses grow. Through its operating units, Monitor provides a variety of management consulting and advisory services related to issues such as strategy, marketing and pricing, innovation, and organization and leadership. In addition, the firm offers financial advisory services and software and services designed to help clients develop their capabilities. Monitor operates from about 30 offices in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Robert G. Barnwell
In contrast to other recommended advisors listed above, rather than formulate strategy, professor Robert Barnwell focuses primarily upon strategy execution, implementation and strategic change management. Most clients are large public multinational manufacturing companies with $250 million to $7.5 billion in sales. In addition, these clients are typically— although not always — participants in professor Barnwell’s research initiatives. If you or your company would like to learn more about participating in our research, please contact Robert at, by telephone at 917.771.4628, or by using the contact us form within this website.